The Move

Boo and Jacob Update

We are calling the quarantine facility every evening (morning in Singapore).  We keep getting this nice guy named Joel on the line.  He’s very patient and answers all our questions.  Although, the answer is the same to every question:  “He’s fine.”  “Yes, he’s fine.”   “Uh huh.  yes.  He’s fine.”  None-the-less, I love Joel right now because he’s my link to Boo.  Boo has his stuffed animal and his t-shirt from me.  I hope he has trust in us.


4 thoughts on “Boo and Jacob Update”

  1. We are happy because Joel mentioned that Boo has is favorite toy, a stuffed animal. Also, we spoke with his dog walker, who said that Boo is enjoying his walks.

  2. We are thinking about Boo and Jacob and wishing them good health and new friends in quarantine. I am sure they are adjusting to their new surroundings. By now, they have realized that they do not need the coats they brought from CA!! So, look at the bright side. All that shedding will be done by the time you are reunited.

    Morty sends his very best and his empathy having flown from NY to NM, driven from Santa Fe to LA, flown from LA to SF and then driven to Seattle. He feels for you guys. Ugh.

  3. Trevor and I are so happy to hear an update about Boo. How is Jacob doing? We are glad that Boo is getting his walks and that they both made it there alright. The flight was probably the hardest part, and now that is over! Yippee! It is awesome that you are able to call and get updates everyday. We also enjoyed the video of Boo.

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