The Move

The Trip

We checked 10 bags (2 were car seats).  We had 6 carry ons.  Still we had not troubles getting all this from the rental car in SFO, checked thru to Singapore and out of baggage claim in Singapore, onto a Maxi-Cab and then to this hotel.  It’s been amazing.  Dave actually wrote an inventory of our bags because we don’t even know what we have!

It is also amazing how many other people you see doing the same thing.  We’ve seen countless families with mass luggage and you know they must be moving somewhere, too.  No one in their right mind vacations with this much luggage.

There were three types of people boarding the direct flight to Singapore in LA:  Singaporeans returning home, people moving to the country for the first time (like us), and American’s returning to their overseas home after their summer break.  As we left the Singapore Air lounge in LAX, a family started talking to us.  They asked if we were moving to SG and we said yes.  They said that they are from San Diego but have been living in SG for the last three years.  So, they we’re returning after their summer trip home.  Their kids go to the American School.  They were full of reassuring and friendly things to say to us.  It was a great thing to meet them at that point.  It was pretty scary getting on the flight knowing that we were not leaving on a vacation but we’re actually leaving our home.  This family’s friendly words helped me get on that plane 🙂


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