The Move

Sunday and Monday August 3 and 4.

Well, it’s hot.  I mean really hot.  This morning (Monday) we all awoke at 4:00 a.m.  (well, I made it til 5:00 a.m.).  There was NOTHING on TV.  NOTHING.  And the hotel movie server was down (not that there was anything good on it once it came back up).  So, we went to breakfast at 6:30, started walking around downtown Singapore at 7:30.  We had fun seeing the sites which are all so close to our hotel.  But, we were forced back into the airconditioning by 8:30.  Airconditioning slaps you in the face when you walk into a building and you just embrace it.  You talk about it.  I hope we get over this.

Yesterday was a hugely productive day at IKEA!  We got beds for the boys, all the kitchen stuff we need and some fun toys.  We picked up a bed for Dave and me at the furniture mall.  You could spot families like us a mile away.  We were absolutely not the only ones stocking a new house.  But, we were the minority.  What crowds.  And, shoving all this stuff in our rented Honda Odessey (a shorter, squatter version of the US Honda) is crammed to the gills with IKEA stuff.  We can’t even begin to take the luggage to our house until we get the IKEA out of our car. 

Today we’re going to get into our house for the first time.  I am anxious to see it.  I really only spent about 10 minutes there two months ago.  I have vague images of what it’s like in my mind.  It’s been challenging shopping for stuff for this place I’ve barely seen.  Our internet is getting hooked up today and our T.V. will be hooked up (provided we’re able to buy a t.v. by the time the guy comes 🙂 ). 

Jet lag is starting to affect us – or at least me.  The boys are on their second night of only about 8 hours sleep (need 10 to 12).  They are worn out at 9:00 a.m.  Ben is talking about friends more.  I am missing my friends, too.  I think spirits should improve once we catch up on sleep and maybe even meet a friendly face in our new ‘hood.


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