The Move

Tuesday August 5th

Boo Update:  Dave went to visit Boo at the quarantine facility.  He said it’s very clean and really not too bad a place.  He could tell that Boo was being checked regularly.  Boo has his essentials (bed, animal, security shirt from me).  He seems to be in good health and he was esctatic to see Dave.  But, he was confused when Dave was leaving.  I don’t think I’m going to go yet to visit.  Dave didn’t get to see Jacob because he got to the facility just as it was closing.  Just can’t wait to see both them. 

Dave’s been driving around here since two days ago.  But, I drove for the first time today.  In the downtown, for that matter.  Oh my.  We have a navigation device.  It would be absolutely impossible to find your way around here without it.  I drove to Ikea to pick up more necessities to turn that house into a home.  The parking garage was a nightmare.  I was completely winging it because it’s too hard to remember what side to be on in a tight garage that twists and turns.  Didn’t help that the garage is under construction so massive parts are blocked off. 

Looks like we’ll check out of the Fairmont tomorrow.  I will miss this place.  It’s absolutely fabulous.  Back to cooking for me.

Weather update:  you very quickly learn to deal with the heat.  Morning and later afternoon are the outdoor times.  Flip flops are most comfortable on your feet.  Tank tops are key.  We have had only one rainstorm since we’ve been here – it poured torrentially for 10 minutes and then it was over.  We all got soaked and didn’t think twice about it.  It’s been clear and sunny the rest of the time.  Very humid.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday August 5th”

  1. All things considered, sounds like you’re off to a good start. Boo must have been so relieved to see a familiar face.

    Good luck getting settled in the new house.

  2. Wow! The weather you describe sounds a LOT like that in Texas. Welcome to a hot climate. And keep that AC a runnin’! 🙂 Glad Boo is well. Miss you!

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