The Pool – Ahhhh

We found the Woodlands Swimming Complex.  It is incredible.  Spectacular.  About the best thing I’ve seen in a week.  The boys just loved it.  And, the funny thing was, we were the only ones there!  I guess we arrived during the middle of a school day so no Singaporeans.  But, where were all the expats?  Who knows.  We had fun.  But, we sure missed our swimming partners – Katie, Carter and Aggie.


4 thoughts on “The Pool – Ahhhh”

  1. I’d change the title of the second photo to “Nicky goes bananas for bananas.” Glad you’re had some good days to balance out the challenging ones.

  2. Hi its Jess! Dad showed me your blog and I like it its really interesting and cool to read about what you guys are doing. Although I’m sorry you’ve been having some hard times but I think things will get better for you. My mom says you are good at adapting and I know your very friendly so you’ll make new friends and so will the boys. This fountain place looks like a lot of fun! The boys are so big since i last saw them and soo cute!! I love the videos and the pictures especially the banana one, it made me laugh! 🙂 I miss you guys. Maybe if I study abroad in Australia we can all come visit you although dad says you’ll still be 2000 miles away.. Good luck with everything!

  3. Ben
    It look like you are having fun in the fountains. I like to see the pictures and watch the movies about Singapore. Rest all the time. Sleep in the day so you are like a bat. From Justin.

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