The Move

Thursday and Friday August 7 and 8

 Moving In

Here we are in our house.  This is the main room that you see in the video as well as our front.  You practically park the car in the living room.  That is so the car can be under the over hang during rain.  But, I pull the car out to the street to extend the living area during cooler times. 

We’re starting to meet our neighbors.  This has been really fun.  Just across the street is a 5 year old boy who will turn 6 on September 7 (Ben is September 8!).  And, they have a younger boy who turned 4 in July.  They have a third boy who is under 2.  They seem very nice.  Met a street full of people at lunch time today, too. 

I will take better videos for the houses and area soon.  This is just for fun.  But, there’s some interesting things to show so I’ll post those soon. 

Thank you to the folks -each of you- who have been reading this regularly and sending supportive comments.  It means the world to me.  My intention in making this site was to give our younger friends a chance to see a bit of this side of the world .  But, as it turns out, writing this, posting pictures, reading comments is becoming my total lifeline.  Thank you.

Boo and Jacob will be delivered on August 20.  OH My gosh will they be soooo surprised to see us!  It’s going to be hysterical.  I just can’t wait.


1 thought on “Thursday and Friday August 7 and 8”

  1. Yes. It is a lifeline. Love it. Embrace it. Share, cry, excite, sob, explore and discover all at the same time. It’s hard to imagine that people pay good money for such services. 🙂

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