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The Weekend – National Day

We went out on Saturday looking for an adventure.  The boys were relieved not to be going to another department store!  Saturday was National Day here – Singapore’s 43rd birthday and apparently a big shopping day.  So, we found a beach.  It’s not island tropical bluey waters, but it was a wonderful find none the less!  We expected huge crowds at the beach.  It was crowded but not too bad.  You’ll see lots of local people in the video.  We were by far the only non-native people around.  I am finding that to be the case anywhere I go that’s outside my immediate block.  I thought there would be more American’s around here but it’s not the case.  Many people we see are Malaysians because we are so close to the Malaysia border.  In fact, this beach is on the Johor Straits which is a stretch of water that runs between the island of Singapore and Malaysia.  So, it feels much more like a bay than open ocean.  Many of the Malaysians are Muslim and they tend to stay covered up even when swimming.  We’ve seen people swimming in full on neoprene head-wear.  It’s amazing.  Even Ben commented, “Now, that is interesting.”.  In any case, I hope you get a little bit of a feel for Singapore with this video.


2 thoughts on “The Weekend – National Day”

  1. Hi,

    Wow, look at you found a beach already! Nice. Love the locals around you with the pull pants on, wow, how does that work when you are trying to dry off in the humidity? By the way, NY was the same completely humid and blazing sun, uuugghhh. I feel for you there. No fun when you can’t go outside. And that pool play area looks amazing, nice find. You might need to consider writing a guide on where to find great local outings with kids while you are there. Miss you guys.

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