The Move

A new week

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It’s 5:00 pm on Monday.  The thermometer says it’s 88 degrees F but feels like 104 with the humidity.  Our refridge has been out since Saturday morning.  I had been trying to keep food on ice in the freezer but that’s coming to an end as the freezer has started to stink now.  They say the new fridge will come some time on Wednesday.  I got upset with them and told them I needed a refridge before then so I could feed Ben breakfast on Wednesday – his first day of school.  The oven doesn’t work either but the fridge has become the big priority.  The good news is, though, all 8 of our airconditioning units are working.  For now 🙂  I hear this is the way it is in these houses.  My neighbor is waiting for a termite guy to come take care of a huge termite problem they uncovered this morning.  I hope the guy comes quick before those termites find their way across the street to us!

We did go to the Zoo today with our neighbor and had a wonderful time.  And, yesterday we found a wonderful shopping area filled with teak furniture.  GOOD BYE SWEDEN, HELLO SINGAPORE!  We are not buying anything else from IKEA!  We’ve moved on!!  (We’re actually very sick of IKEA – we both can’t stand the construction and I’m going batty over how much the wool rugs shed.)  (what was I thinking buying a wool rug in this country anyway!??)

Proof that Dave is not stuck in the parking garage any more!
Proof that Dave is not stuck in the parking garage any more!

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