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Keeping Busy without our Toys!

Nicky's new Red Car

Two days til Boo and Jacob come home.  We went to IKEA today (to do some returns 🙂 ) and picked up a new stuffed animal for Boo.  Anyone who knows Boo knows that his favorite activity – 2nd only to carrying his food dish around – is sucking on stuffed animals.  Since I learned he shredded his one animal in quarantine, a new one has been in order.  Usually I get his animals at tag sales or the Salvation Army.  This last one (the one that is shredded at Q) was found on the side of Shannon Road in Los Gatos.  Dave made the rescue (if you have ever driven Shannon you know this was a brave feat) and Boo has loved that animal.  Anyway, today’s purchase will be Boo’s first NEW animal since Dave and I had kids.

After IKEA, I took the boys to a new park – Pasir Ris.  WOW.  What a place!  It’s right on the ocean (the Johor Straits area again) and the play stuctures just go on and on and are so much fun.  I’ll post pictures in the slide show below.  Watch for Ben getting a workout infront of an electronic game.  And, it was lightly raining while we were there (the best kind of weather) making the slide extra, super slippery.

One of the biggest challenges the last two weeks has been that we do not have our STUFF.  Our air crates – crammed to the gills with our toys, pictures, books, and daily living necessities – will not even ship to us until Dave’s work VISA is complete.  Currently we’re expecting the crates in two weeks.  For perspective, while walking around the block today I met a little 6 year old girl.  She was sitting alone in her yard.  We scooted by her house and started talking.  She, too, is waiting for air crates and told us all about what is in hers.  So, my kids are not the only kids on the block suffering! 

Remember all those suitcases we flew here with?  Thank goodness we did because we’ve been surviving off that stuff since we’ve arrived.  Additionally, we have had a few blessings.  Our wonderful neighbors who have three little boys have been dropping off toys to share with us.  Currently we have a pirate ship from them that the boys are loving.  Also, today, as we were leaving Pasir Ris, I happened to be driving by a preschool that was abandoning a red car at the curb.  My super, highly trained, MOMMY eyes instantly spotted this (not that it was hard to see!).  We stopped and claimed it for our own.  Pictures below.  We’ve tried to buy a few toy treats but it’s so ironic that all the stuff from neighboring countries is actually VERY expensive here.  And, oh how I miss some of the quality stuff we could find in the US. 

Despite it all, the boys do a great job of keeping themselves busy.   They’ve cornered the market on boxes, tubes and balls.  And, I have started a *treasure* drawer where I toss any thing that looks interesting.  Tonight they were playing “air hockey” along the marble floor with a found washer and two wine corks mounted in plastic water bottle lids. 


3 thoughts on “Keeping Busy without our Toys!”

  1. You guys rock! You are really my hero! Only you and your boys could make a drawer just for “things that look interesting” and make an air hockey game out of it-
    miss you

  2. thanks – the boys get all the credit! 😉 Desparate times call for desparate measures…hopefully they won’t remember mommy garbage picking the red car or mommy making them play with old wine corks. that won’t be so good! miss you too!

  3. Wow! How cool is a SLIDE THROUGH A JUNGLE?! Did you ride it, too? Looks like a blast! You could call the drawer of interesting things the boys’ “Invention Drawer.” Reid has a box with the same name filled with old phone cords, random closures for loaves of bread, other packaging and plenty of treasures he’s found on the ground. It’s inspired his desire to “be an inventor when I grow up.” Miss you!

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