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Al Ameen - Waiting for food
Al Ameen - Waiting for food

Dave was gone a whole week – he got stuck in San Fran due to the typhoon in Hong Kong which delayed all flights thru Asia.  On our last morning with out him, we ventured down to Al Ameen, our local food stall, to try some Roti Prata for breakfast.  This place has an incredible assortment of yummy Indian, Thai, and Muslim foods.  Fortunately there are pictures of the foods all over the wall.  But, we found the Roti Prata by looking for the guy making these Indian fried doughs on a hot griddle.    When the food arrived, I had too very happy little boys!  And, I had the best cup of tea ever.

Lime Juice and Happiness!
Lime Juice and Happiness!


Dave made it home late last night with TWO huge suitcases (he had to buy a second one) full of American goodies like coffee, maple syrup, trader joes essentials and even some juice boxes (crazy expensive over here!).  And, more Motrin/Advil and the likes than I hope we’ll ever need but it’s good to have on hand now.  Best of all, daddy is home!


3 thoughts on “Food!”

  1. that’s what I am talking about!!!! Isn’t that delicious? And, perfect for kids. Now, have you tried the “carrot cake” which is neither carrot nor cake?

    I know it is a way off, but we will happily lug trader Joe’s food and advil with us, too. I bought an amazing expandable suitcase that folds down flat at Mustafa center a few trips back that I intend to use again!!

    Still very jealous of your roti prata. Grrrr…

    Welcome back, Dave!

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