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Food – Pt. 2

So now cooking dinner consists of walking out the door, dousing myself in DEET (Dengue prevention measures), walking one block thru the neighborhood, then down a flight a stairs and into the food stalls, picking up food and walking home.  Saw this snail on my walk tonight.  Can’t bring Boo out to pick up dinner because dogs are absolutely not welcome in the Muslim world and many Asians have big fears of dogs around here, too.  So, have to walk Boo first.  Not a problem.

I did attempt (again) to do a big grocery shopping trip.  Cold Storage is not the mecca of international foods I thought it would be and it is added pain that they don’t take debit/credit cards.  Happens every time around here – I go in with a ton of money in my wallet but still need to run to an ATM during the trip.  Food stalls are cheaper than cooking for yourself.  Now if I can only get the boys to graduate from chicken nuggets to Saag Paneer for dinner 😉

Yes, my finger is still attached to my hand.
Yes, my finger is still attached to my hand.

1 thought on “Food – Pt. 2”

  1. I don’t know what Dengue is, but it doesn’t sound good! If you figure out how to get the kids to eat the local food, let me know. I’ll need your secret for Casey! 🙂

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