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Dave is in the hospital tonight having emergency surgery to repair a bad hernia.  I am so worried about him.  I will call his mom and dad later to let them know.  He’s being brave but he feels terrible (fever and pain) and it must be scary to be in a hospital alone in another country facing surgery.  The doctor should call me later tonight. 

The boys and I just went to the hospital to drop off some clothes and things for him.  The hospital is very  modern and clean.  It’s probably nicer than the hospital in San Jose.  I know he’s in good hands.  Say a little prayer for him today.

I guess I’ll be updating our site with some of the fun things we’ve been doing later tonight while I wait.  We have had some fun adventures the last couple of days and I’m looking forward to sharing them.  So, check back for some interesting stuff and good news.


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  1. Get well soon, Dave!

    It looks like you’ve been having quite a few adventures – won’t it be nice when things settle down a little bit!

    Thinking of you all,

    Tina, Jenny, Katie & Robie

  2. Tell Dave we are all wishing him well !!
    So sorry you guys are having so much excitement- heres hoping for more boring times!

  3. Sue dear What a thing to happen. As it turns out, Ray and I have both had hernia surgeries and made it through okay. Please keep me updated. How is the nursing care? Drs. okay? Love mom and ray

  4. We’re thinking of you Dave and wishing you well. Nate and Kaiya were very concerned when they heard the word hospital, but I lied and told them it was “a pretty simple surgery”. Wish we could be there to take some of the pressure off of you Sue, to keep the kids from seeing your worry and keeping the kids busy. I’m sure he will be back and under your loving care (at home) soon.

    Speedy recovery Dave!

    Shana, Jeff, Nate and Kaiya

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