Back in action!

We are all feeling well and took a trip over to the tropical Sentosa Island this weekend.  The island is attached to Singapore by bridge, monorail and even a cable car so it’s hardly an island but it’s the most “beachy” tropical spot around.  We felt like we had a real get away.  The weather was warm (of course) so we enjoyed the beach.  There are lots of attractions.  We took a luge ride down a hill which led us to the beach.  This thing was one of those rides you’d never find in the states because the potential for injury is huge but in Singapore it ok.  We had a blast.


4 thoughts on “Back in action!”

  1. Hi all!

    Just showed the video to Nate and Kaiya and they both really loved it. Now Kaiya is singing a song about Nicky, and it goes something like this…”Bye, bye Nicky (aka Mickey), I love you so much, Nicky, Nicky, Nicky”. Pretty funny since he wasn’t in the video at all.

    Glad you are all well again and back in action. That (sort of) island looks great!

  2. So glad you are all feeling better!!!!

    How nice to have a “tropical getaway” island that’s only a bridge away. Hope you get to enjoy it a lot!

    Tina, Jenny, Katie, and Robbie

  3. Nice to see you back in the saddle! btw – Marianne is in San Diego today and headin up to SFO this weekend to see her. She may try and give you a call with the timezone better than the 12hr east coast delta.


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