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Hong Kong – Fall Break 2008

On our trip, we went to Hong Kong Disney….

on the rainy-est day ever!


Ben and I survived Space Mountain: 

And, Ben went again with Dave.  That’s the nice thing about a rainy day – NO LINES :))

The rain did stop and the next day, Ben, Nicky and I took the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbor from Hong Kong Island to the “mainland” area called Kowloon…

 where we saw the jewels of the city,

and some art.

We took a tram up a VERY steep, rainforesty hill in the middle of the city

to see an amazing view of the city and the harbor.

And we spent a lot of time in beautiful Hong Kong Park which had good points

fun steps up a tower remembering SARS,

and chicken Satay!

Best of all was watching the skyline perform a light show one night – set to music.  Incredible!

and swimming with Daddy at the hotel pool (look:  Nicky’s COLD!).

Pictures can’t begin to do this city justice.  It’s really beautiful and a wonderful place to visit.

PS  Arlene got take out chicken and rice a few times while we were gone (Singapore national dish) and was sharing it with Boo the whole time.  Boo – Happy.


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong – Fall Break 2008”

  1. It may have been raining, but it is still The Happiest Place on Earth, right?

    Great pictures. Hong Kong looks awesome!!!


  2. Wow. Amazing pictures. You guys all look AMAZING! Glowing, fun-filled and loving. I heart it. Hong Kong and your neighborhood look equally great. I do hope we can get there to see you…. You guys still interested in a Formula 1 extravaganza next year? I bet we could swing it!!!

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