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Happy Deepavali!

It’s the end of another holiday around here. Today was Deepavali. Actually, Deepavali spans for some unknown number of days but today is the official public holiday (read: Helper Day Off). Ben will go back to school tomorrow but Nicky’s school continues to have days off thru Wednesday. It’s nice to have a break after suffering thru a full week of school last week. The week before we only had two days off.

Dave’s heading back to the states tomorrow. I just got done composing the shopping list for him. Let’s all hope he doesn’t end up with another hernia (last hernia resulting from hoisting a HUGE suitcase off the conveyer belt at Changi – bad angle, lots of weight). But, none-the-less, the list is long and important! My neighbor’s husband just got home from a US trip this weekend and they are having marital stress because he did not bring home the corn flour she uses to make homemade tortillas, opting to forgo it for extra large umbrellas. Bad move on his part as we live in the umbrella capital of the world (as she points out). As much as I like them, I did not offer to get this flour for her as I need every inch of space that Dave can spare. Don’t tell them this.

We purchased our Halloween candy this weekend at a sale at the American School. This candy was flown in from the US and was advertised as the cheapest around. We paid S$40 for each bag of 250 pieces of candy. Our neighborhood is expecting thousands of trick or treaters. Most people buy between two to three thousand pieces of candy. I got so distraught over the prices that I left the purchasing decisions to Dave (who was enjoying the shopping experience and will not be here for Halloween so this is as much Halloween as he will get). I haven’t even unloaded the candy from the shopping bags b/c I don’t want to know what we bought. But, I have been eating the candy left right and center b/c I feel we owe it to ourselves somehow. All that weight I lost during the Dengue battle is creeping back fast! And, the worst part of all is that all this US candy is squished and partially melted. It tells the tale of a long ride on some non airconditioned cargo jet! I won’t even tell you about buying US shipped pumpkins here (you can’t really grow pumpkins in this climate). (I’m telling you right now, we’re hanging our Christmas ornaments on a Papaya Tree before Dave shells out S$1000 for a damn pine tree!) (watch for pictures of THAT!).

Today we visited a new park in Singapore called Hort Park. It’s a gardening mecca. We had a great time – I loved seeing all the neat things they are doing around here with gardens. Vertical wall gardens are big – the airport here is becoming well known for it’s wall gardens. The funniest part of the park was the green houses which are temperature controlled to create environments like San Francisco! We don’t need hot/humid greenhouses!! So, if you look in these green houses you’ll see all kinds of plants from back home like geraniums, hydrangeia and daisies! So funny!

Dave will be home after Halloween. So, Arlene and I will be handling Halloween on our own. Thank God for her and stay tuned for stories on this event.


2 thoughts on “Happy Deepavali!”

  1. Happy Halloween! Can’t wait to see pictures of the boys in their costumes. All of this cultural diffusion of traditions is very interesting to read about. Thanks for keeping the page updated. Take care: Sarah and Trevor

  2. I hope Halloween was fun! So, how many trick-or-treaters did you actually get? We had fun and the rain held off until then end of trick-or-treating (for us that is about 8pm). Squished, melted candy. Sounds awesome! 😉

    We miss you guys. I think we are going to take the winter sports season off. Although we do need a break, I just can’t imagine coaching basketball without Coach Dave!!!

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