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Still Hot

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool


Dave and I went to a pre-holiday party the other night.  It was hosted by a nice couple from San Francisco.  There were many Bay Area folks there.  It was a nice event.  The hosts live in a condo downtown.  Their party spilled out to their patio and pool area.  It was a beautiful evening and although it’s November something, we were sweating while peeling open our little red and green wrapped hersey’s kisses! 

We went to a BBQ with the boys before going to the holiday party.  We grilled hot dogs and burgers and everyone swam.  It was really a fun summer BBQ – in November! 

The other day, friends took me shopping at a dish warehouse.  It’s an unmarked, hard to find hole in the wall.  Once you’re there, it’s a bit overwhelming how many dishes there are.  I was chuckling as I looked at some of the holiday plates – they were marked for retail American stores…I joked with my friends that this was the closest we were going to get to Target shopping out here!

The big news around here is that Nicky has been accepted into the Singapore American School starting in January.  This is great news.  It will be super hard putting Nicky thru yet another transition but fortunately nothing else will be transitioning so I can focus 100 percent on him.  Of course, we got the spot because many, many families are starting to return home on short notice.  Lots of folks who thought they’d be here until at least the summer are now leaving at Christmas.

PS  Just in time for Christmas, I seem to have misplaced our camera.  It’s a mystery to me where it is.  Until further notice, all pictures will be from the iPhone.  No video.  😦


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