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Another Warehouse & The Turtles

Today my friend Melina took me to a meat warehouse.  This is the greatest thing that’s happened in about 3 months.  There was FOOD there!  We each spent two hundered dollars.  I got CHICKEN NUGGETS!!  I got 4 flank steaks they looked so good.  I got CHEESE – 5 blocks of cheese and 1 whole freakin KILO of grated mozzerella.  It was a jackpot of familar food.  Our helper was laughing her butt off when she saw the freezer.  Finally some choices. 

We got two pet turtles on Friday.  They have bins and bins of them for sale over at the wet market.  They only cost $1.50 each.  They are cute as can be.  So we happily came home and began to set up a little habitat for them.  Each and every mom who walked into our house over the weekend invariably commented:  “They’re cute, but turtles carry samonella, you know.”  NO, I did not know this….I must have missed the reptile-disease discussion in the parenting classes because I had NO idea yet every other mom on the block is FULLY aware.  Anyway, by Monday, these cute little turtles started to look like little, deathly disease carriers.  By Monday night, I couldn’t take it.  I cruely broke the news to the boys (didn’t even try to sugar coat it) and said the turtles were going back to the pet store.  Ben clutched his chest and said his heart was breaking.  I didn’t care.  Ran those germ monsters right back home.  No more turtles.


2 thoughts on “Another Warehouse & The Turtles”

  1. You are making me laugh so hard. Reid found a blue tailed skink lizard at Sean’s parent’s farm over the summer. Sean actually got it through security at O’Hare and home, safe and sound, where he still resides. In Reid’s room. “They” say the skink has salmonella, too. I just tell Reid to be sure to wash his hands. So far every thing and every one is okay. I’ll keep you posted with any symptoms if we ever get ’em! 🙂

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