Home Life

Cooler Weather



Still no camera.  It hasn’t shown up.  And we’re going on vacation on Thursday to Bintan, Indonesia.  I’m gonna have to do something because the ole iPhone isn’t going to cut it. 

It’s cooler these days.  Right now, at 9:00 pm, it’s only 79 degrees F (feels like 84 degrees F).  That is wonderful weather.  Dave has been working to put mosquito screen over some windows so we can ditch the AC and actually have fresh air.  We tried doing screens a while back but we were velcroing them to the windows.  Invariable the velcro would detach and the screen would fall.  Tonight, Dave just plastered the screens to the outside of the house using duct tape.  It remains a mystery to me why they just don’t put screens on the windows around here.  It’s not that uncivilized.

Arlene’s doing the finishing touches on the kitchen right now.  She has made fast friends with one of the other helpers out back.  They will talk thru the fences for forever.  They laugh and have a grand old time.  I’m very glad she has a friend and she remains professional about her job throughout.  It’s nice to hear them enjoy their selves.  Arlene has said that this is a happy place.  That’s nice to hear.


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