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Updates on Boo

Boo at 13
Boo at 13

Boo is 13 years old. He weathered his 17 hour flight to SG, month of separation and adjustment to a new climate like the champion dog he is. He is slowing down now quite a bit. At bedtime, Dave or I carry him up the three flights of stairs to our bedroom so he can continue to sleep with his “pack”. I carry him back down every morning. Occassionally Boo’s rear legs slip out behind him. He insists on jumping into the rear of the car himself, but I am sure to be there to catch him when he only half makes it.

He still loves to chase rocks. He lost a couple of teeth during his time in quarantine but that hasn’t slowed him.

The greatest addition to Boo’s new life in Singapore is Arlene. Our helper has shown Boo wonderful care. When I walk Boo and I see other helpers, they always say hello to Boo and ask where Boo’s nanny, Arlene, is! Arlene helps me make sure Boo eats. Together I think we have helped Boo regain the pounds he lost in quarantine. When we travel, Boo sleeps in Arlene’s room. When we come home, he is happy to return to ours.

Boo tires out easily these days. We can only take him on family outings rarely and a beach trip will wipe him out for days. But, we still do take him occasionally only because he loves it so.

Recently Boo had quite a treat. Dave’s office holiday party was at a steak house. There were maybe 20 people there. Everyone ordered a huge cut of steak. No one could finish. We asked the waiters to pack up ALL the left overs for Boo. He ate Filet Mignon and Sirloin for weeks! He’s a happy dog!


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