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New President!

Dave and I stayed up til 2:00 a.m. to watch Obama’s inauguration speech.


3 thoughts on “New President!”

  1. Soooo glad you guys could see it there! The atmosphere here in DC has been pretty electric to say the least. We didn’t head down to the Mall/Capitol/parade route b/c of Sammy but still felt like we were a part of it and, of course, were glued to our tv set for many hours. All day we received updates from friends (and Jack’s cousin and husband came down from NY and stayed with us before braving the cold and crowds) who were down there, sharing what they were seeing and hearing. Most couldn’t see anything “official” except what was on the many jumbotrons but it didn’t matter. Even Naomi’s daycare got into the act, decorating the place in red, white and blue streamers and posters of our new President and showing the day’s event’s on a huge screen for all kids and employees to see.

  2. In Cabo the only TV’s at the resort are in the club house.. it was like the entire world stopped.. even the Mexican Staff was crowded in to watch! it was so cool to see so much excitement over the new president. Everyone was cheering and crying!
    I am so glad you got to see it.. there were a few people who remembered their Obama T-shirts and put them on over there swim suits.. it reminded me of you wearing yours in Singapore on election day.

  3. I believe you once wished me “good luck with that”. 😉

    Wasn’t it amazing?? Watched it, Tivoed it, watched again. Incredible.

    I was exhausted on Wednesday, but happily so….

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