Sign of the Times

March 5, 2009
New and Good Friend - Araceli, Melanie and Jo Ann

New and Good Friend - Araceli, Melanie and Jo Ann


People are leaving Singapore rapidly.   I haven’t been here long enough to know if this is a normal, seasonal outflow or if we’re infact seeing a sign of the difficult economic times in the US.  I suspect this is more of an exodus than annually experienced.

Today, my closest, everyday buddy, Melanie told me her family will ship home in June.  I’m extremely sad.  Melanie and I dropped our 4 year olds off at Pre-K every day, we exercised together daily, we play Mah-Jong weekly, our kids really enjoy each other.  Our worlds have collided in the best way possible this semester.  And, she’s a really great person.  I will miss her tremendously.

I’ve only been here three months and I have said too many good byes already.  Part of the expat life.

Below is a picture of someone’s container.  This is someone’s house packed up and ready to get put on a ship.  We see more and more of these around the neighborhood these days.

Container - filled to the gills.


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