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Summer Vacation

Spring 2009
Spring 2009

All of the Singapore expat community is preparing for the summer break. Already. The suitcases are coming out. The gifts for friends at home are being accounted for and packed.  The main conversations are “When are you leaving?”  “Where are you going?”  “When will you be back?”, “Do you get to fly Business Class?”  and, the biggest topic, “Are you coming back!?” 

I wonder what this will be like.  It’s been 9 months out here and I’ve met some really nice folks.  Now they are leaving and I am leaving and we’ll all be back to our old lives for the next two months or so.  In my case, I feel like we’ll be very displaced.  Because we don’t have a house to return to, we will not spend much time in our old world of Los Gatos, CA.  We’ll only be dropping in on the place we miss the most for a short week.  Then we’ll be on to family visits.  I suspect we’ll miss our Singapore friends and even our apartment here and maybe even the heat and humidity.  Maybe we’ll even feel cold.  I wonder if this summer will make Singapore feel more like home?

We’ll surely miss Boo.  It’s feeling more and more like a big gamble to leave Boo for 6 weeks.  I know he’ll be in good hands with Arlene and Dave.  Arlene has passed the Boo Caretaker Test.  Boo escaped during a thunder storm while we were in Vietnam.  Arlene searched high and low for him for two hours in a torrential storm.  As the storm ended, she finally found him exiting a Catholic church.  Boo’s hearing is getting worse.  I often feel that that could be a good thing because then he won’t hear the thunderstorms so much.  But, I think he senses the storms anyway.


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