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Desaru, Malaysia

For our Thanksgiving weekend get away we took a one day road trip into Malaysia. We drove out to Desaru which is a beach side town on the east coast of Malaysia. We kept our expectations low because we are now greatly familiar with the trashy-ness and general lack of up-keep around Malaysia. It worked – we had a great time! The beach was one of the best we have found within driving distance! And, tho the resort we spent the day at was typically 20 years out of date and in complete disrepair, we were happy!

Welcome to Desaru:
What a great day trip!!  Under two hour drive from Singapore.  Beautiful beaches.

The day was very very windy and the waves were coming from every direction and HUGE but we loved it! Not a tanker in sight! What a refreshing change from Singapore beaches! And, ironically, although Singapore is incredibly clean, the beaches are littered with debris from the tankers. Malaysia is generally very littered but this beach was spotless! A wonderful surprise!
Wind and Waves

At one point during the afternoon, Dave, Ben and Nicky started to play some stick ball. Soon enough 4 Bangladesh-y guys were lingering around the game. Dave was too engaged in his time with the boys to notice but I pointed it out to him. He invited the 4 guys in. Next time I looked, there must have been 10 guys playing with them! Dave said they kept wanting to “bowl” the ball as you would do in cricket. Ben really wanted to play baseball so Dave was desparately trying to teach these guys the difference. They were very good natured and had lots of fun. Don’t know who won and as quickly as they all appeared, they left!
First Annual Bangladesh/Singapore Cricket/Baseball Thanksgiving Beach game

Dave’s been working a ton. So, it was really nice to get this time with him.
Malaysia 2009

I also collected some of the nicest shells to date:
The haul!

We had a day pass at a dilapidated resort and got to enjoy the pool and some food. We were surely the only Amercians there (which meant no chance of sneaking in – not that we would ever do that! 😉 )
Desaru Golden Beach Resort

And on the way home, we stopped at a fruit farm. Dave is into Agro Tourism:

And I kind of enjoy freakishly large fruits:
Red Faces and Giant Jackfruit


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