Holidays, Home Life

Thanksgiving 2009

We ordered our Turkey from the school. They sell to a lot of the neighborhood families. Here’s how I picked it up:
Turkey rides the dolly home

Unfortunately, I didn’t like the turkey too much. It was way to game-y. I have learned that SG gets all it’s chickens (turkey, too?) from an island off of SG that is designated for chicken farming. Now, the chicken we eat here tastes fine. This turkey was sketchy. So, who knows. Next year (and, yes, there will be a next year) I will cook my own turkey in our tiny oven. I guess I’ll do a trial run sometime soon to see if grocery store turkeys have the game-y taste. Last year’s turkey was from the Raffles Hotel (Dave was still trying to sell us all on being here!) and it was fantastic.

In any case, Thanksgiving was nice. We had a few neighbors over. I baked three pies in one day. Not one of them was apple which left Ben in tears for hours. We ate and ate and ate.

Now on to Xmas. I’m having a much harder time this year than last year believing in Xmas in this heat. Maybe it’ll be easier once we put up our fake tree. Wish me luck.


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