To all the Santas out there….

December 26, 2009
To Santa - by Ben

To Santa - by Ben

Christmas is over – here and in the US.  We had some special moments and, undoubtably, the finest moments were when we were thinking of home.  We got fun gifts from the grandparents and aunts.  Grandpa Conrad shipped the traditional Hess selection (a tradition I hope never ends regardless of age!):

"This is a great gift!" exclaims Ben

"This is a great gift!" exclaims Ben

Hess Racing

Hess Racing

Grandpa Hassan sent great LEGOS and electronic circuits as well as the hit of Christmas Day:  Wrex the Dawg:



Nicky and Wrex the Dawg`

Nicky and Wrex the Dawg

Grandma Joyce, Aunt Sarah and Aunt Jackie and Uncle Todd each sent us packages with wonderful, thoughtful presents.  Every time a package came from a family member we all glowed.  Being way out here has made each of us value our family back home all the more.  Also, our friend Michelle (and her boys Spencer and Rylan) called us on Christmas morning (SG time) and that made us very, very happy but very, very homesick.  Me especially.  And, on the day after Christmas, (Christmas night East Coast US), I finally downloaded Skype for my Mac and talked with Todd and Jackie on video call.  It was worth it to have the kids show each other what they received for Christmas on the video.  The best part of all was when they each held up their Hess trucks and said, “I got one too!”

Merry Christmas it has been!

Christmast 2009 - Boo - Dog of Wonder

Christmast 2009 - Boo - Dog of Wonder


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  1. Thanks for the pictures! It was great talking to you guys! Sarah and Trevor

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