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Garage Sale

Our garage sale was a huge success. We cleared out a lot of the stuff that came in our container. We sold the temporary beds the boys had been sleeping in for the last year and a half. We sold lots of duplicate kitchen wares. The first arrivals (at close to 7:00 in the morning) were the neighborhood helpers. They drive some really hard bargains. The best thing I could do is let Arlene handle that crowd so they could bicker, barter and banter in Tagalog. Arlene was a riot. She single handedly managed to sell half the stuff, I’m sure. The helpers were so funny – they buy the strangest stuff but you know it’s going to get put to great use. They went NUTS over the box of free “mcdonald” toys I had. That box was empty in minutes! They’ll be shipping this stuff back to the Phillipines in no time to their little kids left behind.

Dog walking helpers arrive at the garage sale.
Dog walking helpers arrive at the garage sale.

Now we have a nice outdoor living area in place!  Our bikes are cleverly stored under the green tarp :).  And, the kids can swing right into our “living room”.  In the way back you can see this giant Yam plant we got from an empty neighbor’s house.  It took three of us to hoist it onto our dolly (which promptly collasped under the weight – we had to find a new dolly) and then wheel it to it’s new location.  It’s an impressive plant.  And we love our outdoor living room.

Target furniture arrives from the US
Target furniture arrives from the US

2 thoughts on “Garage Sale”

  1. What a day you had! So impressed that you got the garage sale done so quickly. What a riot it must have been. Wish I could walk over and have a cool one with you in your new outdoor living room.


  2. Love the outdoor living room. Also, I had no idea the container you were talking about was so huge! Wow! The size of truck!

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