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Boo 1995-2010

Today Boo died. He was at home with me, Dave and Arlene. He went peacefully. We are happy knowing he is running again, chasing rocks in rivers and waves, and maybe even reuniting wtih Molly.

Half Moon Bay 1998
Half Moon Bay 1998

Remembering Boo

Fourteen years ago this month, I got Boo. I found him at dirty little animal rescue out in a dusty little town called Placitas, New Mexico. The rescue was a trailer home with a bunch of caving in kennels out back. Dogs (and cats) were roaming. The place was filthy. Except for Boo. He was a clean white spot in the far back of the property. I adopted him instantly.


My world has grown because of Boo. We have grown this family. Boo and I met Dave together at our friend Marianne and Scott’s BBQ in Denver, Colorado. Sometimes I wonder if Dave would have found me so nice if Boo hadn’t been there! Dave quickly adopted Boo, too.

The three of us moved to the Bay Area, California. This was Boo’s first plane flight. He took it like a champ. When we picked him up from the airplane cargo area, we took him straight over the hills to Half Moon Bay. Boo went in the ocean for the first time in his life and he loved it!  We would go on to revolve our weekends around getting Boo to the beach for many years to come.  But, probably Boo’s most legendary experience in California was his tree climbing escapade in Golden Gate park. This story has been told so many times that if I haven’t told you, well, we need to sit down and I’ll tell the story.

Then came the boys. This was a bit of an adjustment for Boo. But, it was completely his decision to start sleeping in his own bed, rather than between me and Dave. Boo welcomed these two little guys into his world without question. If anything, he gave himself a promotion in the Guard Dog world and stepped up his efforts to kill the mailman.


As part of Boo’s family, there have been four special caretakers that have made all the difference in Boo’s world. Boo has never had to stay in a kennel (with the exception of Singapore Quarantine) thanks to these incredible members of his extended family. Lynda and Gil Locke nurtured Boo in their doggy day care while I worked long hours (before the boys came along). They let Boo sleep in their bedroom (while the other dogs had kennels) when Boo stayed with them during our travels.

When my job asked me to travel back and forth from California to DC on a weekly basis, Marianne and Scott welcomed Boo into their Massachusettes home for three months (this was Boo’s 2nd and 3rd plane flights). Boo dug himself a nice sleeping hole in their yard and frolicked with their dog Yukon.

And, when we moved away from Lynda and Gil, we were lucky enough to meet Debbie and Ken Shamanski who also welcomed Boo into their home whenever we needed a home for him to stay in. Debbie cared for Boo as if he was her own pet.

Finally, here in Singapore, we have met Arlene. We probably would have never hired a Filipino helper to live in our house if it weren’t for Boo. Boo brought Arlene into our world and she has helped me care for an elderly dog

And this was Boo’s last plane flight – coming to Singapore.  Making the decision to bring Boo here was a huge one. When the opportunity arose for us to do this time in Singapore, Dave and I spent two weeks just considering if Boo could handle this move. Once we decided he could, we spent no time deciding if the rest of us could! If Boo couldn’t make it here, we wouldn’t have come.

So Boo came to Singapore. And here he rests finally.

Going after that rock in Singapore


5 thoughts on “Boo 1995-2010”

  1. What a beautiful tribute, Sue. He was lucky to be adoopted by you. I’m so glad I got to say goodbye to him in Singapore; I hope they have honking waterfowl toys in doggy heaven.

  2. Sue
    That was a wonderful obituary rememberance, fitting the stature, and caliber of being that Boo was/and still is in heaven.

    Nonetheless it is sad, may Boo rest in peace.

    Love Dad

  3. Wonderful dedication to Boo’s life and how he enhanced the lives of those around him. He is bound to have an afterlife as wonderful.


  4. Sue,
    Wow, I have tears streaming down my face and laughter at the stories all at the same time. Boo was the only dog I liked 🙂 He will be missed.
    Love you

  5. Boo was a wonderful dog. We still miss him around the neighborhood. I’m glad that you and he got to spend so many years together!

    Tina (& Jenny & Katie & Robbie)

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