Take one last look….

May 11, 2010

at the age of 7 and a half, Ben Ben hasn’t lost a tooth yet!

But….at least three are suddenly loose! It may be awhile before they finally fall out, but I’m taking lots of pictures and getting prepared!

Baby Teeth!

Baby Teeth!


One comment

  1. When the baby tooth/teeth come out, the TOOTH ANGEL comes and leaves a quarter (gotta be full silver not silver clad copper)in place of the tooth. This is a big deal. You know the tooth(s) goes under the pillow!!!The dough shows up the next morning!

    Not 10 cents, not a nickle, or a penny, but a full quarter!!!! Wow 25 cents!!!per tooth!!!

    That’s the custom, go for it!


    Ct. grampa

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