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Take one last look….

at the age of 7 and a half, Ben Ben hasn’t lost a tooth yet!

But….at least three are suddenly loose! It may be awhile before they finally fall out, but I’m taking lots of pictures and getting prepared!

Baby Teeth!
Baby Teeth!

1 thought on “Take one last look….”

  1. When the baby tooth/teeth come out, the TOOTH ANGEL comes and leaves a quarter (gotta be full silver not silver clad copper)in place of the tooth. This is a big deal. You know the tooth(s) goes under the pillow!!!The dough shows up the next morning!

    Not 10 cents, not a nickle, or a penny, but a full quarter!!!! Wow 25 cents!!!per tooth!!!

    That’s the custom, go for it!


    Ct. grampa

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