Bali Vacation

June 15, 2010

We had a wonderful first vacation to Bali. I say “first” because there will be more trips there for sure! It’s only an hour and a half plane flight away! And, now we have discovered the joys of villa vacations! What a treat!

For the record – we stayed at two different villas. We spent our first four nights at http://www.balidreamvillas.com. We were in Villa Kedidi. We spent most of our time at the Legian Beach which was a relatively short drive from the villa. Our driver was happy to take us each morning. We would walk a hundred meters or so down the beach and then rent two chairs and three boogie boards from a man for about 120,000 rupiah (USD $12.00). This was a nice routine. When we returned from the beach, the two cooks would have our dinner prepared and waiting. We had preordered our dinner from a villa menu the day before. The villa had three bedrooms, living/dining area and kitchen all surrounding the pool. The bathrooms were all outdoor and the living/dining area had no walls. Very beautiful.

Welcome to Villa Kedidi

Welcome to Villa Kedidi

Villa Pool Early Morning

Villa Pool Early Morning

We had a couple of great days of Boogie Boarding at a fantastic surfing beach. The waves were challenging and we all wished we knew how to surf!

Bali Surf

Bali Surf

After a day at the beach we decided to go to the famous Waterbom Park in Kuta. This is an amazingly clean and very pretty park full of waterslides. The boys were in heaven. We just had to do a little creative hairstyling to ensure we’d beat the height requirements:

Beating the height restrictions at the Waterbom in Kuta!

Beating the height restrictions at the Waterbom in Kuta!

Here’s a picture of some of the waterslides we went on. Nicky and Ben loved the one on the far left…it was called Smashdown!

Water slides

Water Slides

We spent one night up in Ubud – the mountains of Bali – and stayed in a different but equally wonderful villa – The Springs. This one overlooked the rice fields and you could hike down to a wonderful river.

Our plunge pool at the river - The Springs

Our plunge pool at the river - The Springs

Here’s the view:

View of the rice fields in early morning

View of the rice fields in early morning

One of the many nice things about this villa in Ubud was the little village it was located in. We could walk around this village and really get a taste of Bali life.
Here’s some rice drying in the street:

Rice drying in the village streets- ubud

Rice drying in the village streets- ubud

Can’t wait to go back!



  1. They should rename this “Heaven on Earth Retreat”! I wanna try the ‘celestially light’ banana pancakes. Fabulous menu. Sooo many choices.
    What a treat to stay in such a lovely and calming place.

    I will spend a few moments dreaming of this place, then will get back to work on the drip system! A pioneer woman’s work is never done.


  2. Did anyone ask after me?

  3. I can’t wait to go!!!! Looks like such a great trip!

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