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Two more!


Toothless in Ubud
Toothless in Ubud

Ben lost two more teeth while we were vacationing in Ubud. He was playing a digerdy doo (spell??) and it fell out of his mouth taking his two incredibly loose front teeth with it. Within seconds Ben’s entire smile and persona were transformed. He went from little boy to growing-up-kid before my eyes! For the entire rest of the day, he had trouble speaking (“S”s were particularly hard) as he adjusted to his new mouth. He has a perfect hole in the front of his mouth.

The tooth fairy came and left 50,000 rupiah per tooth! This has worked out beautifully because we are able to keep the expectations mixed! With the ole fairy paying out in different currencies, no one is really sure what to expect! I love that. Plus, with respect to the ole competition factor, who can beat saying, “I got 100,000 rupiah for my two teeth”? (for the record: 50,000 rupiah is about $5.00 USD. This is a bit more than we like to pay but we felt this occasion merited a special pay out (plus we didn’t have smaller bills!) ).

From the tooth fairy
From the tooth fairy

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