A proud moment today: Ben’s Chinese Mandarin teacher sent a rare message to parents describing an activity his class has been preparing for and accomplished today. They had a video conference with The Hong Kong International School and had a chance to ask and answer pre-prepared questions with each other. It’s a bit of an amazing experience because the fact that 2nd graders are conducting video conferences across the class Promethean board to another international school in another country is amazing in it’s self. But, to know that Ben is able to ask basic questions now in Mandarin is a proud moment. I thought he could only recite nouns. He can actually communicate in Mandarin. It’s very good.

Here’s the msg from the teacher:

Dear Parents

This week the class of level B students prepared for their video conferencing with HKIS students on Monday and had a successful conference with HKIS students on today. Your child did very well in terms of asking a HKIS student a question and also answering a question posed by a HKIS student. While students have to listen out for the questions to answer them, pose questions to HKIS students, they also need to record the answers given by the HKIS students. All students had to be fluent with the following questions and answers for the video-conference:

nǐ 的 de 生 shēng日 rì 是 shì 几 jǐ 月 yuè 几 jǐ 日 rì?

nǐ 喜 xǐ 欢 huan 吃 chī 什 shén 么 me?

nǐ 喜 xǐ 欢 huan 喝 hē 什 shén 么 me?

nǐ 上 shàng 几 jǐ 年 nián 级 jí?

nǐ 喜 xǐ 欢 huan 什 shén 么me 动 dòng级 wù?

nǐ 属 shǔ 什 shén 么 me?


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