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Getting ready for India

Dave and I are going to a wedding in India. It’s in Jaipur which is part of the “Golden Triangle” in conjunction with Delhi (the main city that we’ll fly into) and Agra where the Taj Mahal is located (and we won’t have time to go there!!). We were invited to this wedding by the father of the groom who is a client/colleague of Dave’s and apparently a bit of a big name in India. I have been endlessly impressed by this entire function and feel it deserves a bit of documenting here (at least so I don’t forget all this!).

So, the invitation arrived in a BOX! In addition to the details of the four days of wedding events and a complete wardrobe guide for male and female attire during the 8 events occurring over the four days, there was a personal book describing the traditions and customs associated with all of the events and also Luggage Tags! The wedding will be managing and paying for our flights from New Delhi to Jaipur!

Dave and I will only be able to attend two days worth of functions – and after shopping at a local Indian dress shop (recommended by the mother of the groom), I don’t believe we could afford to attend many other of the events!

Regarding clothing shopping, as soon as we walked into this dress shop in Little India in Singapore, the sales help must have seen dollar signs surrounding us. They pulled out the heaviest, most beaded, most elaborate saree imaginable. It took them three bold face requests – “How much does this cost?” -before they would admit to me that it was $1,200. They wouldn’t allow pictures but here’s a picture Dave sneaked of me in this Saree. (I have to say – keep in mind I’m fully clothed with shorts and shirt underneath – so I look kinda huge!!)

Sorry Saree.
Sorry Saree.

Needless to say, this was too much. While in the shop, I started frantically texting my friend Subha was is from India and was sure to have something. She amazingly replied instantly and invited me to come to her house the next day. I had a lovely time seeing the many, many amazing and colorful sarees are in her wardrobe. She is kindly lending me a saree that she wore to her sister’s wedding! And, she lent me some incredible jewels.

Here’s a picture of me at Subha’s trying on her saree:

Subha's Saree!!  :)
Subha's Saree!! 🙂


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