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Another project for Nicky’s class…send in a memory to be read to the class.

Nicky is “Star of the Week”!  Here’s our memory letter to the class:

NICKY LEARNS TO WALK….a little too early!

Dear Nicky’s Classroom of Friends,

I’m writing today to tell you a little story.

The story is about Nick Makarechian but it begins with his older brother…seems when you’re the younger brother; it always starts with your older brother!  You see, Nicky’s older brother, whose name is Ben, took a long, long, long, LOOOOONG time to learn to walk.  He took so long, that I was afraid little Nicky would be born and Ben still wouldn’t be walking!  I thought I’d be carrying around two babies!

Finally, just before Nicky was born, Ben started to walk.  Whew!  What a relief.

Nicky took a long time to move around on his own too.  In fact, he was 10 months old and not moving at all.  He could pull himself up in his crib, but he couldn’t crawl or even scoot around the floor.  So, imagine my surprise one day when I left Nicky sitting near the couch and he pulled himself up and just started walking!  He was not even one year old!  And, he could not crawl!  He had never moved by himself and now he was walking!

But, this isn’t the story.  The story begins one day when I took Ben and Nicky to the park.  Ben was a little over two years old and Nicky was a little under one year old.  There was a tunnel in the play structure at the park.  Both boys scurried up the little steps to get to the tunnel entrance.  Ben kneeled down and crawled through the tunnel, stopped to look out the holes in the side and climbed out the other side and ran on to the slide.  Nicky approached the tunnel and just walked right into it banging his head on the entrance to the tunnel.   His hand reached up to his sore head and he rubbed a growing bump on his forehead.  He looked at the tunnel and his brother through the other side and he tried again.  Again, he walked right into the edge of the tunnel, bumping his head and crying in disappointment!

You see, Nicky had never learned to crawl.  Not only did he not understand that crawling helps you get through a tunnel, even if he could figure that out with his lack of crawling experience, he didn’t even know how to put one arm in front of the other with one knee in front of the other!  Nicky couldn’t get through the tunnel!

You’ll all be glad to hear, before he turned two years old, he figured out the magic art of crawling.  Nicky was running and jumping and climbing steps long before he was doing what most babies do first – crawling!

Thanks for sharing our memory of Nick when he was young!


Nick’s Mom



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