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Good Bye Words from a Friend – Karrie’s parting email

Karrie, Cara and me....on the benches at pick up.
Karrie, Cara and me….on the benches at pick up.
During my tearful goodbye to Singapore Thursday night, I thought about the time spent and realized just how different Asia can be from home in the US.
Much akin to David Lettermans top 10. Here are my 10 “Things about Singapore”……
10.  There is no such thing as a five minute trip to Fairprice. You will run into 3 neighbors, your security guard, the pest guy from your first house and the nice lady that sells the best Chicken Rice ever.  Total shopping trip 55 mins. minimum.

9. You will never live on another street with one of your children’s many teachers living in earshot. And yes, you are a screamer.

8. Whether you like it or not,taxis will invoke motion sickness despite never having suffered from it in your past, previous locale. These same taxis and their drivers will prove to be either the best conversations you will ever have, or the worst.

7. The smell of taxis.

6. Helpers.  They will iron your husbands boxers, make some of the best dishes imaginable and in some cases prove to be a luxury item, surpassing that of a luxury vehicle or a small beachside home in the south of France.

5. The children will be hard pressed to find an educational experience better than this. And where else could your child get an interim trip to a place people save half of their lives to travel to.

4. The amazing world of Bangkok.

3. Durian fruit, chicken with heads still on in the meat dept., hawker stands, a man who delivers food to your house, and being called Auntie when you think that’s reserved for the older set.

2. Changi Airport, Singapore Airlines and Silk Air – Where a 2 hour flight comes complete with a hot meal, hot towel and Ben & Jerry’s  icecream.

1.  Memories of some of the best times of my life with some of the best people I will ever meet.

I love you all and will miss you immensely.


Good bye lunch for Karrie at Cheval - Me, Cara, Jen and Karrie
Good bye lunch for Karrie at Cheval – Me, Cara, Jen and Karrie

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