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Melaka Malaysia

It’s summer travel time! And as seems to be the yearly tradition, we’re starting the summer off with an Asian excursion. This summer, we were lucky to take a ROAD trip (ROAD!! when you live on a 40 x 40 sq mile island – the idea of a Road Trip is pretty nice! But, you can’t take the dog 😦 ).

In fact, here are the first key shots – the Dunkin Donuts – a highlight as soon as you drive in to Malaysia – they are everywhere (unlike in Singapore), and a HILL! Singapore is FLAT so this is a refreshing sight.

First stop!  :)  Dunkin Donuts - a rarity in SG.
First stop! 🙂 Dunkin Donuts – a rarity in SG.
A hill ahead
A hill ahead

We checked into the Renaissance hotel and felt lucky to get a room there. It seems it’s a busy time for road trips as the local Singapore schools are on holiday. We had a great view of a traditional but still very active and real Malay village. The river in the view traverses through the town adding oodles of charm at every bend. It was a lovely view to have. And, for the record, our room was quite nice – far about Malaysian standards 🙂

Our hotel: a room with a view!

Our first stop after checking in was to get some lunch. We walked out the hotel and quickly found Famousa Chicken Rice Ball. Since we had read the Melaka was famous for it’s chicken rice balls, we felt this must be the place to stop. What great food and ambience! We were by far the only Western people! Luckily those Chicken Rice Balls are not traditional Chinese Creepy and infact, quite fabulous!

Melaka is famous for it's Chicken Rice balls
Melaka is famous for it’s Chicken Rice balls
Nicky can't believe how good the rice ball tastes!
Nicky can’t believe how good the rice ball tastes!
The busy local restaurant
The busy local restaurant

After lunch we walked towards the center of town – first going through Melaka’s own Little India. Melaka is famous for being a huge trading port back in the early 1700’s. Many ships from all destinations would stop at the Melaka port to trade goods. Eventually, word got out that the town was so successful that different people came to take over the town. First the Portugese claimed Melaka. A hundred or so years later, the Dutch came a long and took it over. Then the British claimed it for their own. As a result of the successful trading destination and the many countries who ran Melaka, there are many influences in the town making it a very fascinating destination today. Little India is particularly authentic here as seen in these bulk spice shops.
Melaka's Little India

Another view of the river....
Another view of the river….

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