Post Script – Serendipity?

In August 2008, when we first left the USA, I wrote about meeting a family as we boarded our plane to Singapore:

“As we left the Singapore Air lounge in LAX, a family started talking to us.  They asked if we were moving to SG and we said yes.  They said that they are from San Diego but have been living in SG for the last three years.  So, they we’re returning after their summer trip home.  Their kids go to the American School.  They were full of reassuring and friendly things to say to us.  It was a great thing to meet them at that point.  It was pretty scary getting on the flight knowing that we were not leaving on a vacation but we’re actually leaving our home.  This family’s friendly words helped me get on that plane.”

Once in Singapore, I didn’t think of them much after that experience.  We never ran into them either…not at the school, around the island, or on any other flights…

…until our move back to the USA on Dec. 31, 2012.

We ran into that same family again on our flight back to the USA!  I approached them and reminded them of our first meeting on that flight to Singapore so many years ago.  They had since moved back to the USA and were returning from a visit to see friends in Singapore.  Once again, they were full of reassuring words for us.  Repatriating to America has gone well for them and the kids were happy in their schools.  

It seems as if this family are our guardian angels assigned to guide us to and from Singapore!   


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