The next chapter

IMG_0731 IMG_0726Today, I was lucky enough to say good bye to friends Natalie and her three boys from Singapore who visited us here in California. Lucky because they came and spent time with us – not lucky to say goodbye!  As they left, I sat down to relax and then read a blog entry for a great thinker and friend from Singapore who is also currently re-acclimating to life in the USA.  Her thoughts got my thoughts inspired me to write a bit about my thoughts  finally, on coming home.

And, here it is:  What I don’t know is how important the folks I met in Singapore will continue to be in my world. I only just got a taste of it with this visit from Natalie. I have met up with two three different girlfriends from Singapore since I’ve returned. But, I haven’t had the kids see friends from their old life until now. The past three days, we had our old neighbor and friend, Natalie Messick and her three sons stay with us. And, it was great. As Ben said, it was like no time had passed.

It’s been such a struggle, in my mind, to try to make connections here in our new town with new kids who we’re meeting in third and fourth grade. These kids all have friends which they’ve had since playdate age. We’re working our way into the world and people are very friendly but we suffer simply from not having the history. When Natalie and her boys showed up, our history walked in the door. It was so perfect. And, I am grateful that they made visiting us a stop on their agenda. It was very meaningful to us.

While they were here, the boys quickly and easily reconnected. Natalie’s middle boy – Ashton – is very outgoing and used to spend countless hours at our house. He would just ring our bell at the oddest times and proceed to blend into our family. He’s a unique kid and we love him. It was great to get to see that kid again.

And, now they are gone and I’m back to trying to forge my way into inner circles of close knit kids in our town. Slowly, slowly I know we’ll make our inroads – how can we not when I have two delightful boys who any other kid in town would be lucky to befriend. But, time must pass while people figure that out! There is, afterall, only so much I can do. Some days are lonely and some days are filled with appreciation for the friends who shared our life in Singapore. The journey continues.