Keep in Touch Here

We have a new address as of November 2009:

Makarechian and Neufeld

26 Oakwood Grove

Singapore 738224

***I have a HAND PHONE (that’s a cell phone in America):  9770-8610  (finally unlocked it!).

Email contact information will remain the same:



Our new mailing address in Singapore will be:

Makarechian, 40 Pinewood Grove,  Singapore, 738293

It costs 94 cents to send a one ounce letter from the U.S. to Singapore.  That’s 3 stamps!

Singapore Local:  6520-7497

We have a California number out here!!:     408-402-8242    – this rings at our house in SG and has a voice mail.

Remember the time difference please 🙂  We’re 15 hours ahead of CA and 12 hours ahead of the East Coast.


  1. I am on it! Thanks for doing the math!

  2. Glad you made it safe and sound and that it’s been so seamless thus far!!! Will write more in email. Love xoxoxo

  3. I remember a nanny we had long ago using airmail envelopes to write home, do we need to do the same?

    Nate and Kaiya are sending something soon!

  4. Pictures are great, looks like the boys are adapting, hope you are too.

  5. No airmail envelopes necessary…I’ve been using regular.

    We’re adjusting…..slowly 🙂 xoxo

  6. Finally read some blog words. Feeling like I get a better sense of where you’re at – we miss you!
    Love Nomes

  7. I miss you guys! Can’t wait until you come back and visit :)!

  8. Fun blog! My favorites are Nicky’s photos – it’s fun to see things from a child’s perspective, plus they are quite artistic!

    Here’s our travel blog: http://billandjeeheon.blogspot.com/2007_12_01_archive.html

  9. Sue, just wondering where you are now. Back in Singapore? Please keep in touch. Miss you.


  10. I read on wikipedia that durian fruit is banned on public transportation. Seems folks either love or hate the smell.

  11. Sue, The tanker tour looks like a fabulous adventure! What fun to explore up close what we normally see only from a distance. Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

  12. hi, I read your Desaru/Pengerang experience and am really interested to go. Would like to know if you have the contact of your driver? Thanks 🙂

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